Author: Orchard Hills Athletic Club

Gym Amenities You Should Start Using

When most people think of the gym, they might initially consider all the exercise machines available. However, your gym has plenty of other amenities that you should be using. These amenities can give you a more varied experience so you can enjoy your time working out. The Basketball Court If your gym has a basketball […]

3 Ways Regular Exercise Helps You Live a Healthier Life

There are many different ways that you can improve your health for the long term. One of the most focused on methods is by eating a healthy diet. And while diet is incredibly important and should be a priority for anyone looking to lead a healthy life, it is not the only thing. You also […]

What to Know About Exercising When You’re Pregnant

Becoming pregnant is a major change in your life. There is pretty much no realm of your world that will remain untouched by your pregnancy, all of which means a lot of adjustment, change, and going with the flow to make it all work out. When you exercise during pregnancy (which you should be doing) […]

Exercises You Should Be Doing Every Week

One of the most important ways you can keep yourself healthy is to exercise regularly. Exercising comes in many forms, and it can be incorporated into your routine differently every week. However, these are a few of the most beneficial types of exercise that can be helpful to include in your routines every week. Weight […]

Exercises That Are Perfect for The Summer

Being able to exercise outside is one of the best parts about summer. While everyone can appreciate the gym, there’s something incredibly rewarding about doing your workout outdoors in the sunshine. This summer, try incorporating some of the following exercises into your routine to make the most of the summer weather. Hiking Hiking is one […]

What to Eat to Improve Your Energy Before Workouts

If you are serious about your exercise and workout performance, then you know that the results lie in maximizing the small factors and changes that can give you boosts in the gym. There are many different factors that affect your workouts, but perhaps the single largest is your pre workout nutrition. The meal you eat […]

How to Lose Weight in a Sustainable Way

Losing weight is not easy. It takes time, patience, and consistency. While there are many different ways you can lose weight, it is best to do so in a sustainable way. This way you can still enjoy life and will also be able to maintain your results long-term. Choose Exercises You Enjoy Exercise can help […]

Why Progress at the Gym Can Be So Difficult

If you have ever worked out even remotely consistently before, then you have probably experienced fitness setbacks. It can be wildly disappointing and discouraging to come into the gym ready for a great workout and end up feeling weaker and being unable to perform the same exercises as last time. But there is nothing wrong […]

What to Do If You Aren’t Seeing Progress at the Gym

When you are committed to working out, one of the biggest benefits is being able to see yourself progress over time. But if you aren’t seeing regular progression, it can feel super disheartening and make it difficult for you to want to continue working out. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t give up […]

How to Improve Your Morning Workouts

Working out first thing in the morning provides multiple benefits, such as jump-starting your metabolism and energizing you for the rest of the day. But you may not be getting the most out of your morning exercise routine. To maximize your efforts you need fuel, rest, and motivation. Eat Breakfast When you wake up, it’s […]